Thursday, January 27, 2011


My older brother, Evan, and his wife, Charity, run a child and youth welfare agency in this Philippines. (Website here.) They rescue children, and especially babies, from human trafficking, domestic abuse, starvation - you name it.
Their work is absolutely tremendous, and it seems to me as though family members and friends who really learn of their work cannot help but want to be there with them, rocking rescued babies, loving children whose eyes have already seen more than they should ever see. It's certainly the case with me. I think of them daily. I had a dream a couple weeks ago where my sister-in-law was standing in the Gentle Hands building (of course I have no idea what the inside looks like in real life), and she was saying "We need you" to me, over and over. I still get choked up thinking about it. If I felt as though I could go tomorrow, I would.
I don't have any time to write more about my feelings, about this yearning to go to the poor and minister to them, because I have my own babies to take care of - but someday. I don't think I could stay away if I tried. I cannot not give to the poorest of the poor when I have been so richly blessed... I feel as though I need to go. My own Christian ministry is not complete until I do.

Off to feed babies breakfast...

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  1. Hi sweetie,
    It is a very special place and I feel blessed that I have been able to visit Gentle Hands regularly for the past few years.