Wednesday, April 7, 2010


... we are moving!  I wrote to our landlords here to see if they would be willing to allow us to have a month-to-month lease throughout the summer, as we didn't feel as though we were having any luck finding anything at all reasonable to rent on the west side.  We have looked at so many places, and there was always at least one thing that was a major deal breaker - no dining room, too small, too ugly/dumpy/trashy - we couldn't find anything we could remotely see ourselves living in.

Then our prayers were answered.

Trevor was on his way home from looking at a townhouse (I really, really wanted a townhouse) that was an okay size but not upkept by the property management company that took care of it, when he saw a small For Rent sign on the front window of a townhouse.  (At this time, I was away babysitting/housesitting for friends out of town for a week).  He peeked in the windows and thought it looked great, so he set up a time to see it.  When I got back, we went to see it again and knew that we HAD to have it.  It's beautiful - the couple that own it live in the townhouse next door and it has been newly renovated, meaning gorgeous laminate floors in the dining room, a whole new kitchen, fresh paint, etc.  The appliances are also all new - stove, fridge, dishwasher, all back, and white washer/dryer downstairs.  Finally, our own laundry!

It's an open layout kitchen/living room, with tons of light and a powder room on the main floor.  The upstairs has three bedrooms and a bathroom, and the basement is unfinished.

We are disappointed that we will have to put our big dining room table in storage and use something smaller, but the rest of the place is so amazingly nice that we have to take it.  We've looked at lots of "newly renovated" places and thought they were absolutely disgusting and deserved to sit empty.  We have been disappointed in so many of our own landlords so far, and I hope we can break that pattern now!

And to top it off, they are going to let us move in a week early!  They even suggested it without us asking, which is PERFECT - I was so worried, since I'm going away to Women's Conference at BYU, and that involves leaving on April 28th and coming back May 2nd.  I thought I would have to pack and clean as best I could and leave it all up to Trevor and Grant to move our whole house alone!  Instead, we are moving on the 24th and can be a little bit settled before I leave for Utah.

Those are the main highlights of April - moving to a townhouse that is gorgeous inside and out, and me getting some time away at Women's Conference.  I'm going to find a babysitter for Grant for one of the days, and then Trevor will take a couple of days off to stay home with him!

Can't wait to move!


The advice in What to Expect sometimes sends me over the edge.  To sum it up, it advises you to stay home, relax, eat only healthy, bland foods, and put your feet up while your perfect husband goes to work, buys the groceries, gives you massages, makes all the meals, and does all the housework.  The advice they give men is really over the top - as if the wife becomes completely and utterly useless as soon as she finds out she's pregnant and can no longer lift a finger around the house.

So, in spite of reading WTE the entire time I was pregnant with Grant, here are my confessions when I was pregnant with him:

  • I ate sushi, raw cookie dough, curry chicken, and whatever I felt like eating.
  • I went on three amusement park rides at Playland, including going upside down, when I was a few weeks along.  I'm such a rebel.
  • I painted my nails
  • I drank a little bit of African tea at Cactus Club
  • I ate cold deli meats
  • I ate eggs with the runny yolks
  • I ate a hot dog
  • I didn't switch to organic-only foods
  • I went in a hot tub
  • I didn't consult my health care provider when I wanted to exercise

And now that I'm reaching the 18 week mark again, so far here are my new confessions:

  • I've eaten frozen yogurt, unpasteurized cheese, sushi, cold deli meats, Pepsi, and I'm sure some other things I can't think of at the moment
  • I still don't eat organic vegetables, although the apples usually are
  • I rode my bike all the way to Trevor's mom's house on Sunday
  • I exercise when I feel like it and don't exercise when I don't want to
  • I've lifted heavy things
  • I took anti-depressants for my first trimester
  • I took a vasoconstrictor when I couldn't handle my migraine anymore
  • I ate a big batch of cookies made with Splenda (which seems to be ok)
  • I chew gum all the time with aspartame in it
That's all I can think of for now... think I'm going to make another post about the other things that are going on... also... one more week today until my ultrasound - HOORAY!  I can't wait!