Tuesday, March 29, 2011


After a long hiatus...
here is an artsy tour of my house. The pictures would be better but I just took them in jpeg. Here they are.

Number 3... and no, I did not do ANY cleaning prior to doing this series. Continue if you dare.

Front door view.

Grant has the cutest little mini hoodies.

Grant adores his new boots. I bought them to remind myself that spring is coming... someday.

Toys. Lots. 

Our classic willowtree statue.

Token photo of the photographer. So cheesy. So necessary.

See above note about cleaning. This is why no other kitchen pics.


Powder room.

Pink Alien Bees. So fabulous.

Baby Grant. Was he really that small?

Fun shower curtain - Ikea. Cradle cap shampoo - Beaners. Potty - Ikea.

We only have one crib sheet for Rachel, and it was laundry day for her. This watermelon blanket has a matching green hat that I will simple HAVE to get a picture of before she outgrows it.

Snoozy head.

Ikea curtains. Match his duvet cover.

LOVE the paint job in Grant's room. It's just so FUN! Plus his new bunk bed is great too.

All things girly.

New sock monkeys from Aunt Robin. Grant LOVES them.

More toys...

King bed = nighttime bliss.

Memory book, also from Aunt Robin. Probably the best gift I've ever received.

Ghetto TV has found a new home in our room since our upgrade to the flat screen. Grant loves watching "Eggo" (Diego) and "Ess Me" (Sesame Street) in our bed.

As always, the inverse real-life/blog-life relationship applies. When I'm busy, happy, etc, the blog is neglected because I'm off living my life. So it's been nearly TWO MONTHS now that I haven't written! I'd love to be more regular and blog about our life, post more pictures, etc, but I am so darn busy that I can't sit down and write about it all. 
Rachel's six month pictures are coming now that I have my studio set up temporarily. Great shots of Mr. Grant are coming too.