Sunday, January 16, 2011


Perhaps you know Thomas too?  

He's the newest staple at our house.  Let me see if I can trace how it started...  

Before Christmas, Toys R Us had a Thomas train setup for kids to play on.  He loved it.  Maybe that's how it all started.  Then he began noticing trains - the huge black engine at the Health Unit mostly.  Then, the real kicker came when we visited Calgary in December.  My sister who lives in Singapore was staying with her childhood best friend, who has two boys and a huge collection of Thomas trains and track.  Grant played with it for hours, and when we dropped something off there a couple weeks later he remembered and said "Train!" as soon as we pulled up.  Seeing how he loved it so much, I bought him a small circular piece of track that's stationary and came with a Thomas engine designed for smaller hands, but still fits on all the regular track.  I saved it for last Christmas morning, thinking that he wouldn't want to open any other presents once he saw Thomas, but by then he was just too worn out to be excited.  BUT I knew my efforts weren't in vain when he insisted on sleeping with his new Thomas.  Then, his grandpa gave him a Thomas Look and Find book for Christmas the very next day - next thing I know, it's "Doss!" this and "Doss!" that, since all words have just one syllable most of the time.  Then we signed up for our free trial of NetFlix and they have Thomas....  It's all I can do to watch five minutes of something I'd actually like to watch before his constant requests persuade me to put Thomas back on.
So I had to get him a Thomas cake for his birthday, which came with another Thomas engine.  And we gave him a Thomas coloring book, as I've been meaning to get him a coloring book for ages.  And lastly, Trevor said we had to get this when we saw it at Wal-Mart - a train whistle - that even has Thomas on it.  Perhaps we have started a decade-long obsession with all things Thomas and train-related, but I don't mind.  I already know the names of the engines since my brother collected it back in the day.  

Now, at bedtime, you can find Grant curled up with his TWO Thomas engines, his TWO Thomas books, and sometimes a train whistle.  On top of all his favorite blankies (I think all of them are his favorites).  

First Thomas ever!

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  1. Wow, didn't know it was that big a deal. Really glad I chose that book, now. I think I still have a little Thomas toy at home, but it might be too small for him. It's big enough not to be a risk for Rachel, but it might not be very good for playing with. If I see you during Reading Week, I'll try to remember to give it to you, anyway.
    Also, can we get a picture of him all curled up under his pile of stuff? That sounds adorable.