Monday, August 16, 2010


Grant and I FINALLY got to do something with Trevor this summer.  We've been to the Canada Day celebrations, petting zoo, stampede, etc... WITHOUT him because he has been working so much!  The extra work and the added bonus that it's out of town mean a lot of serious debt repayment's been happening, but it's been sad to not have him with us!  Fortunately, he did get Heritage Day off (that funny holiday at the beginning of August - I only learned this year that THAT'S the one that's called Heritage Day...) - and we were invited boating with our friends!  It was so much fun.  Grant even went off the front of the boat when Trevor was supposed to be watching him.  It was all good, because the boat was docked and he had a lifejacket on, but I hear stories like this all the time that begin with "My dad was supposed to be watching me and my sister, but..."  Mostly I just thought it was funny that he leaned too far forward and went right over!

Anyway, the pictures tell the rest! We took over 1000 pictures (our camera takes 8 per second!) and then had to go through them all to get rid of the junk ones!