Friday, June 18, 2010


FYI - I want to have my cutesie blog backgrounds again, so I'm reverting to the standard blog template... I modified it so that I could have my pictures extra large on here, but it probably looks crummy on most of your computer screens anyway, so I'm going back to the default size that blogger sets.

Just wanted to let you know, so that if you go back to old posts you might find that the pictures look funny and don't fit in the blog text.

That is all for now!

Friday, June 4, 2010


All the frustration from the last post has passed, and while my life is overall extremely boring and I have nothing of any interest to blog about, here I am again.  Recent highlights include catching up on the TV series Glee, thanks to, (which means on Tuesday I can actually watch it on TV for the first time ever!), Grant getting many more teeth (all at once), Grant learning to run and being totally obsessed with being outside, Trevor riding his bike to work all this week (yay!), and me finding a new little something to do.  More details to follow at the end of this post.
Also, thanks SOLELY to facebook, I just found out that one of my younger sisters moved to California for the summer?!  I knew she was looking for a job in Calgary... and that was the last I heard of it until just a moment ago when I read a note she wrote detailing her first couple days in Fresno!  No hard feelings that I had to find out on facebook, but that big green monster is definitely rearing its ugly head.  The weather here in the past two... wait, what am I saying?... the past... oh, NINE months has been mostly ridiculous.  It seems as though in spring or fall, when it is actually not BONE COLD or swelteringly hot, the days the rain lets up always yield to the dreaded WIND.  Although I suppose if I'm complaining about the heat, Fresno is not where I want to be either.  I'll still take hot over cold any day, including when my aching self is six months pregnant.  Two months from now I may be singing a different tune.

As for Grant, he is a little boy who knows what he wants, but he is also quite open to suggestion.  There are the non-negotiables:  if he sees juice, his blankie, pens, sunglasses, scissors, or 'real' utensils (knives! forks! spoons! The ones Mom and Dad use!) - if he wants one of these and cannot have it, he can pitch quite a fit.  But he does have his agreeable side!  He'll switch to a different toy if you suggest it, and will dart off course faster than an ant for an Oreo if you say one of his key words:  boots/shoes/sandals, jacket, outside (remember the latest obsession with the great outdoors), blankie, cookie.
He's also at the continuous bumps and bruises point - it's taken him a while, but now his forehead cannot be found a single day without at least a couple bruises demonstrating one of the four bruise-color stages of healing.

Now for the follow-up I promised earlier.  I have begun making the following two simple craft items and selling them.  Very exciting for me.  I'm keen to replace my delivery of Lethbridge Living, which is exhausting despite only being every two months.  If you're interested and you don't live in Lethbridge, I can certainly give you a shipping quote before you order.  You can find me at or, and more info is available here, such as pricing, delivery time, and color options.  Happy shopping!