Sunday, January 16, 2011


My little boy Grant turned TWO YEARS OLD yesterday!  I can't believe it. It makes me feel old.  Trevor and I both feel as though we just graduated from high school, despite the fact that he just attended his TEN year reunion this summer! YIKES!

Sorry, this post is about Grant, not his aging parents!  He's so awesome.  He loves to help unload the dishwasher, sweep the floor, etc.  He has finally gotten over his fear of baths and now he actually asks to take a bath.  It's like night and day.  The past year or more has been a huge fight anytime we say it's bath time, the worst being when he would scream the entire time as if someone was trying to murder him.  It was awful.  I try not to think about it now that it's gone.  He also loves to help get things for Mom or Dad (phone, TV remote, book) or Rachel (soother, bib).  He is so darn helpful.  He says quite a few words (that I can understand), I'd say around 60, and other words/sentences that I don't understand yet.  I think he's a little behind, but not enough to cause worry.  He's still in the "normal" range.  And we know he understands things, figures things out, and remembers things.  Things that are important to him.  For example:  We went to Denny's a long time ago, months and months, and went back about a month or so later.  Well, before we had even parked, he spotted the Denny's sign (I don't know how, he sits in the back and can hardly see!) and shouted out "Waffle!  Waffle!"  Not only did he remember Denny's, but he remembered what he ate last time he was there.  Ridiculous.  He also remembers the way to some of his grandparents' houses, even when he's only been there once.  He's always figuring stuff out.  He loves going to nursery at church, and really loves that he can help stack the kiddie chairs after everyone else leaves.  He's always the very last one in nursery, helping to clean up.  Today he finished all the snacks the other kids had left behind, AND stacked the chairs.  

Yesterday, we had a little party for him at our house with some friends.  Then some of Trevor's family came over to give him their gifts.  His uncle Scott definitely gets the prize - he bought him raspberries and blackberries.  Grant opened the blackberries right there in the living room and ate the entire case in about five minutes flat.  Not even five minutes.  He knows what he likes.

He is now 25 lbs., 8 oz. and is around 34 inches - he really did NOT like getting measured at the health unit.  He always thinks I'm about to torture him.  He is definitely small for his age!

And now, without further ado, Grant - my sweet little boy, Trevor's copycat, and Rachel's favorite person, and the big year he's had:

January 2010: learned to crawl

February 2010

March 2010:  learned to walk

April 2010: ate his first Easter bunny

May 2010:  never a minute without Blankie

June 2010: learned to run

July 2010:  still sucking his thumb

August 2010:  not so steady on his feet with the whole running thing - 
lots of cuts and bruises

September 2010 - Met Rachel and became a big brother!

October 2010 - learned to pose for the camera!

November 2010 - discovered windows

December 2010 - Christmas!  

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