Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Here we are in Lethbridge - I keep meaning to write, I have had so many little thoughts that I've wanted to blog but haven't done it. So here's a quick update. Mr. Grant is now 26 inches long, (eep) which means we need to get him a big carseat! I went to every store in town that sells carseats today - Zellers, both Canadian Tire stores, Sears, Toys R Us, London Drugs, Superstore, and both Wal-Marts, before deciding on a really nice one that I had seen great reviews for this morning before leaving. There are so many different types of carseats that only Zellers sells this one - here is the link to the American Toys R Us website that has it:

Click here

Anyway, we decided to spend $200 on it instead of getting a $100 one, which was the price range I was looking at otherwise - the difference with this one is that it, along with only one other I could find that was not nearly as nice - is that your child can be in the 5-point harness until 65 pounds. The majority of carseats only hold your child in the 5-point harness until 40 or 47 lbs. So, in the case, we CAN put a price on our child's well being in an accident - it cost us $100. But, as Trevor said, if we got in an accident, we'd really be upset if Grant got hurt and we thought we could have lessened the damage at all. Without this specific carseat, he'd be in a carseat the same size, held in by the car's regular seat belt over him, so I imagine that he could suffer some physical damage that he might not with the 5-pointer.

Anyway, everything is great at our new place. We love the barbeque and the flat top stove. We've even had to use the central A/C a couple times already. It's a hot day out today, which made the running around a little tiring.

Grant has just started rolling over to his back from his tummy in both directions - hooray! I am waiting for him to learn how to roll from his back to his tummy. He's definitely trying to get around when he's on his tummy. He wiggles around like crazy and tries to propel towards toys.

Trevor has a company truck right now, but is eagerly looking at trucks/SUVs so that we can buy our own and take advantage of his company's truck allowance.

I'm off to mess around with the new carseat and have Grant test it.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


A cute Lethbridge mom's home business, Peek-a-Boob nursing covers, is having a giveaway, which I am posting about here to get three extra entries!!! If you want to enter, go to:


Happy Breastfeeding =)