Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Hello again blog world.  It has been a while.

Grant is 13 months old now and has been keeping me extremely busy, which is my main excuse for not having blogged in so long.  He is into everything and has to be at the computer if that's where I am, trying to climb onto my lap and get at the stuff on the computer desk - calculator, mouse, keyboard, papers, etc.

He is not walking yet, just alternation between crawling and scooting on his bum.  To see him crawling is extremely cute, but we have to keep our bedroom and the bathroom doors closed or he gets into all kinds of things that are off-limits.  He insists on being in the bathroom if either Trevor or I are in there, and today he threw his first toy into the toilet, a little plastic motorbike.  I am trying hard to teach him the word "yucky" and its meaning.

I have watched a lot of the Olympic events - the most fun to watch have got to be the ones where four people are on a track together racing - such as snowboard/ski cross, and some of the short track speed skating.  Last night Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue won gold at the Ice Dance, and they were extremely cute.  I think they need to get married - unless they feel like brother and sister to each other.  I can't imagine dating someone who has been with their skating partner since they were 7 and 9 years old, knowing how close they are to them.  Especially with that amazing performance of a Spanish flamenco!  Now that they've won gold together, that just seals the deal for me - time to put a ring on her finger, Scotty.

I am itching to get into a place that's a little bit bigger, or at least with more storage.  I would love to have a third bedroom, but would give that up in order to save us some money and have our own laundry, so I've been diligently checking Kijiji 2 or 3 times a day, waiting for landlords to start posting openings for May.  I'm hoping that students will be moving away for the summer and things will open up for us!  The laundry situation here is incredible irritating and I do laundry as little as possible.  It's also terribly uncomfortable knowing how loud we sound to the neighbors living downstairs.

Otherwise, life is just marching along.  Trevor is happy at work, and they are supposed to be doing salary reviews this month.  His company chronically underpays its employees - APEGGA published a salary survey every year, so it's easy for Trevor to definitively say that he is making nearly $10,000 a year less than someone with his experience should be making.  He is currently making a 2008 salary.  Even a small raise would be great.

Whew - this is getting long, so I'm going to send you off on that note.  Have a wonderful week.