Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I thought Grant must be dead today when I woke up... I was even afraid to go out to his crib and see if he was alive or not... but he was still alive, thank goodness.  I have a huge fear that he is going to die.  I was worried though, because he slept from around 11:30pm until 8:15am, when I woke up on my own and went to go see him - it was 8:20am, and he was starting to wake up, then he heard me come in so he started to wake up even more.  Then, since he slept all night, he was awake almost all of today and wanted to be held lots and lots!  He doesn't know what to make of his little toys and things yet, so he just wants to be held when he's awake.

I am working really hard on getting thank you cards out - I mailed the ones out today for the people who made meals for us... I'm bad, it's been almost 8 weeks!!!  Eep!  I feel badly, especially since one lady scolded us through Trevor's mom when we didn't have our wedding thank you cards out at 5 weeks.

Trevor is struggling to get through his last few weeks of school, and it will be REALLY tough.  If he doesn't pass math, then we'll be somewhere where he can work as a technologist (probably Lethbridge) for the summer, and back here for September - December, if we can somehow make the money work - I don't think he can take out any more Alberta student loans, and maybe not Canada Student Loans either.  Ugh.  We need lots of prayers for him to pass, and also to get a job afterwards that is for sure.  

More on that later.

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