Friday, March 20, 2009


This is my personal review of the movie Revolutionary Road.  There are no particular spoilers.

First of all, the film is rated 14A.  I'm not sure if I was aware that it was 14A before I went.  I went to a showing of this movie at Ridge Theatre in Vancouver during Movies for Mommies, and the facebook page for this event said it was a "love story", so I didn't particularly search for the rating (I had trust in Movies for Mommies although I hadn't been yet).  Alright, so I should have taken the rating as a warning.  In writing this post, I also found out that in the US, this film is rated R.  I no longer trust M4M.

Second of all, I am absolutely shocked that this is called a love story.  This movie was IMO a hate story!  I am very disappointed that I spent actual money on this movie!!!  I do not think it was appropriate to show at a M4M showing.  There were many swears, the F word being the most popular, and two very graphic sex scenes.  There was a lot of general anger in this film - yelling, screaming - as well as obscenities, intoxication, and plenty of adultery.  

I have been so looking forward to going to my first M4M, and was foiled in my last attempt due to the car being towed.  Now, my chance to go had finally come and I braved the rain, spent the money, only to receive two hours of a lot of trash that I can get for free on TV - literally free, because the first three months of our TV service is free.

Also, I am very disappointed by The Mom Show, which I have enjoyed watching every other time on TV.  That is, until yesterday when they had a repulsive conversation about pornography and how great it could be for your marriage.  I am strongly against anyone taking part in any type of pornography, married or unmarried, watching it alone or with someone else.  

It has not been a week that has given me hope in the world - it has definitely been the opposite.

Tonight Trevor and I are going on our first date without the LO - to the symphony.  I doubt that the beautiful music of Bach and Haydn will disappoint!  We are excited for a few hours away, but I know I will be so worried and missing my baby the entire time! 


  1. AMEN to your post! I almost was tricked by the 14A rating once until my husband told me its the equivalent to "R" in the US. After making a few mistakes of not reading the rating, I make sure to check every time now so we don't get any suprises. Although I'm not sure it does anygood to just stick to certain ratings. Most of the time they are far too generous. We've resorted to looking the movie up parental reviews online so we know exactly why its rated the way it is. Anyhoo-i'm loving your blog! Keep it up! Oh and BTW--I got your THANK YOU note...I'm glad you enjoyed the food and what an adorable pic of Grant:)

  2. For the future, is a good site to check out when you want to get the skinny on the appropriateness of a movie.

  3. Bleh. How disappointing!

    And I think it may be a motherly instinct to fear the worst. I'm afraid of James dying, and it's hard not to think of all sorts of different accidents that could happen to him.