Tuesday, March 3, 2009


The little one and I are going to Los Angeles to visit family for a few days in July, which I am SO looking forward to - my older sister, Megan, is allowing us to use her points again and paying the taxes for us, as she did last summer when I flew to Calgary.  This time she won't be out on the west coast, at least not north of the 49th, but wants to meet the baby (obviously!) - and she usually lives in Singapore, so we don't get to see her much.  Now... to get passports!  Neither Trevor or I have a passport, and Grant doesn't yet either, so I've begun filling out the forms for our passports - the exciting part will be the photos.  How they will get Grant to hold his head up, have his eyes open, mouth closed, and not be frowning or smiling all at the same time seems pretty impossible for me.  When his eyes are open, his mouth is always open too!  So wish me luck.  I'll post again once the pictures have been done!

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