Friday, March 27, 2009


Trevor and I have been anxiously waiting to see if his old company in Lethbridge would be able to offer him a job this spring when he finishes school, and he just spoke to them yesterday and they CAN!!!!!!!!  YAY!!!  We were so worried that he wouldn't have a place to work in May, and that we would be living with my dad and grasping at straws for a place to work so we can start saving for a house.  Needless to say, we are SO very relieved and thankful that the Lord has answered our prayers so generously once again.  Here I am cheering on gas prices and the Alberta economy  *ra ra ra*.

The little guy is just waking up from his nap, so this update is going to be short.  We now need a place to live in Lethbridge for May 1st.  Obviously Trevor's mom is very happy that we're able to move back to Lethbridge.  We already have the moving truck booked, now comes the fun stuff - packing.  At least I don't have a baby that can walk yet - he'd be following me around the house unpacking everything I had just packed behind my back.  

I've also just started teaching him his first 5 signs - I know that the earlier I start signing to him, the longer I'll have to wait until he signs back, but then I'll be able to move onto some new signs right away so I'm starting early.  First 5 are:  Mom, Dad, Clean (for changing his diaper), Sleep, and the all-important Milk.  

On that note, he just started rooting and swirming so I've got to fulfill my duty as "Milkbags", the tender term Trevor's mom started referring to me as when she was here (LOL).  

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