Sunday, November 4, 2012

Home Sweet Home

We moved into our new house on August 30th - and we absolutely LOVE it. There are hardly words to describe how grateful we are for it - how blessed we feel. Truly, both Trevor and I feel as though it must only be temporary because we simply don't deserve to live here. Surely someone is going to knock on the front door and say "Just kidding!" So we're enjoying it while it lasts.

My kitchen is an absolute dream. The kids have adjusted much better than I expected - they each have their own room - and now that it's dark again outside they are back to sleeping 12 hours a night.
Grant and Rachel are both in music class again - although Grant's class is serious business this year. He has to practice every day and can identify C, D, E, F and G on the piano. He is also in preschool four afternoon a week!
Rachel is getting more and more grown up. She asks to use the potty, although with no results, I think she would like to toilet train but I can't seem to commit...

Here he is with his preschool friends (the ones we carpool with):

And, because I have so much time on my hands and my house is always clean, we're having another baby in March! Bring on the madness!

Picking its nose maybe? That would definitely make it related to Grant...

Trevor and I are speculating that it is a boy, judging by how sick I've been - more than with Rachel, with vomiting continuing past the first trimester... and Trevor had a dream where we had three more boys in addition to Grant. Yikes. It's a good thing we have a backyard.

In other news - last Monday, I chopped my hair off, pretty much completely. I was finally READY and man it feels good!!!

And it looks way, way better now that I got some wax gel and hairspray in it. It feels amazing. I keep thinking "I've got to take my ponytail out" when I get in the shower - and then realize it's GONE! I'm not sure how to describe the amount of hair I left on my hairdresser's floor - but it was a LOT. It looked like an entire animal had died in her kitchen.

The kids were able to come to a costume parade at my work on Halloween, Grant's preschool party, and we went trick or treating at the mall - I called it quits after that - so that they could get to bed at 7, and also because the sidewalks near us were incredibly slick from the freezing rain and it was a broken tailbone waiting to happen out there. They were both very cute saying "Trick or treat!"

I was just about to post Grant's preschool picture, but as I went to take the photo off the CD - I thought the price we paid got us one color photo of one pose - I got a fabulous surprise as on the CD there were 5 different poses/crops with each one in color, black and white, and sepia - so they now deserve their own post. We also had new family photos done which are adorable! But you may have to wait until the Christmas card to see...

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