Sunday, July 29, 2012


In our new house, we're going to have a little girl's room and a little boy's room. I originally thought that I would keep Grant and Rachel in the same room in our new place, but this entire summer has been ridiculous - in the sense that, one of them absolutely has to go to sleep in our bed and then be moved back into their shared room or they will NOT go to sleep. They play, pull their beds apart, jump on the mattresses, and just generally goof around. I want a boy's room and a girl's room anyway... I was just going to have Rachel sleeping in the boy's room for a while.
But no, that is not happening. Every single night this summer has been a fight.

SO.... I am once again asking for your opinion! I've narrowed my hunt for new crib bedding for Rachel down to two possibilities... I am very picky... and these are two completely different looks... however one is cheaper than the other... tell me which one you would choose. Take price into account too - the pink set is actually cheaper because it includes more matching items in the price, and we will need curtains, etc, for our new place anyway.

P.S. One of the reviews for the purple says it's not a bright purple, more of a dusty purple - the picture is a bit misleading!


  1. I love the purple! Of course, it has to be the more expensive one :)