Wednesday, November 14, 2012

House Tour

Grass = totally photoshopped. 
We only have dirt. Actually, right now it's super dirty mounds of snow.

Living room - view into kitchen/dining

Back yard view

Front door and den

My dream kitchen.


Dining room. Kids have a nice big bench that's perfect for them.

We LOVE our master bedroom. The photographer didn't 
include photos of the kids' rooms on the CD we received so
I'll have to take some myself.

Master bath with our amaaaazing shower. Come try it.

Top of the stairs - first door on the left is Grant's room, second
door is Rachel's room and you can see her pink wall in this photo.
Across from her room is the upstairs laundry and kids' bathroom.

We LOVE our new home!!! It's much better in person, so please stop by 
if you haven't already (it won't be as clean as this though!!!)

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  1. I will be there on Dec. 18 (and I will probably need a shower). xxooxx