Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Wow, I literally feel like it was just a couple days ago I was sitting typing Grant's ten month update.  In fact, I've only done ONE blog entry between that one and this one - oops!  I have been quite busy, with a couple sewing projects, hanging out with good friends, decorating for Christmas - although those excuses still aren't very good, because I've mostly been sitting on my butt at home avoiding going outside.  It's absolutely ridiculous how cold it has been this month.  Yesterday, here in Lethbridge, it was -42 degrees with the wind chill at one point.

On to Grant.

I am THRILLED to say that he has starting signing.  In fact, I am going to give that tidbit a post all it's own, coming up right after this post.

He does the bum scoot to get around, no crawling yet.  He thinks he's bigger than he is - when he's standing, holding on to my or Trevor's hands, he tries to let go with both hands, and then wonders why he starts to fall over.  He's a serious goof.  He's pulled himself up to standing on a stationery object once, in his bedroom.  I was in there with him and he pulled himself up on an open dresser drawer.  He's going to create ALL kinds of havoc when he can walk!  He's not moving along furniture yet though, so I think I get a couple more months of peace... we'll see.

He is very sweet and full of personality.  He will scoot over to the Christmas tree and reach to touch the branches with his little bitty pointer finger.  I don't want him to eat the needles, so I say "Grant, no" and he turns and makes a little throat noise in retort.  If he starts playing with the presents, I say "No, Grant, it's not Christmas" and then he goes back to picking at them.  I have to keep telling him it's not Christmas- he says it should be Christmas NOW.

He is finally getting a third tooth, a right incisor on the top, which might look very silly if it comes in before any other top teeth.  It's coming in very slowly, like his two bottom teeth.  It would be nice if he had more teeth, so that I don't have to keep buying and he doesn't have to keep eating so much mushy baby food.

I am very excited to say that Grant said the closest thing to a real word this past Saturday, the 12th.  We were on our way home from Superstore with Kyle and Lindsay, and Lindsay was feeding Grant some banana.  He looked like he might be done, so I said "All done?" and he said what was clearly "All done."  It was extremely cute, and Lindsay even gasped.  All of us in the van were excited!  Way to go, Grant!

Now, to post about his signing!

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