Saturday, November 21, 2009


A few days late, again, but the point is:  Grant is 10 months old!!!!!

He is growing up way too fast for my liking.  Lucky for me, he is still not crawling yet, but rolls and scoots on his bum to get around.  He would really like to be able to crawl or walk, and sometimes he gets really mad about it! He has now switched to drinking from a straw instead of his little sippy cups, which I think is great.  Supposedly, some of the sippy cups with the valves in them are no good if the child learns to do a tongue-thrust motion to stop the flow and it impairs their speech as they get older.  I'm so proud of him - it's as if I can actually see his hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity getting better every day.  It's so amazing!

He still only has his two little bottom teeth and they are not yet all the way in.  He has learned how to clap but still loves to wave his arms in a chicken-flap sort of way.  He still uses his Jolly Jumper and loves it.  He is close to waving good-bye when we wave to him (hopefully).  He is very interested in any type of sound, and loves looking at the trees out in the backyard when he is supposed to be eating.

Eating is still quite a chore, but the improvement is steady.  The good news is his communication is improving as to what he wants or doesn't want, but the bad news is that means that when he's done, he clears everything off his tray onto the floor.  If we are encouraging him to eat/drink something he doesn't want, he tries to insist on grabbing it so that he can throw it onto the floor.

Everything still goes right into his mouth.  I tried to show him how to color today, and he wasn't at all interested in the actual coloring, but, boy, did he want to eat the crayons!  They were probably the best thing he's ever seen.  The coloring project lasted less than ten minutes, but hey - I tried.

I am busy working on Grant's Christmas present, which is going to be a turtle sleeping bag.  It will definitely be extremely cute, although he will technically be too small for it for a while.  We might put it in his crib as a lower sheet to give him some insulation underneath his little body.  Speaking of which, we have a nice white crib which we bought used, but I accidentally got rid of the hardware to put it together with a bag of stuff for the Salvation Army - so he is STILL in his little Pack 'N Play, AND there is an unassembled crib in his room waiting!!!  Boo!

Back to Grant.  He's not really making any new noises, but he has outgrown size 3 shoes.  He is not outgrowing his clothes too quickly, actually.  Clothes that I started putting on him when they were a bit big we are getting lots of use out of!  He is still a very, very happy baby and continues to set a high standard for all our other children.  In fact, he even has a head cold right now so he's stuffed up and has a cough, and he is still bursting with happiness nearly all day.  He is such a good boy, and he acts even more well-behaved for babysitters than with me!

In other news, Trevor left this morning for Medicine Hat and won't be back until the 30th, including weekends!  It's going to feel like a long time until he's back.  To keep me company, he gave me my birthday/Christmas present very early - the new iPhone!  I LOVE IT!!!  And, as always, we squeezed Telus to give us a great plan - instead of the standard $50 plan, we were able to get 100 more minutes, unlimited Telus to Telus mobile calling (all my calls to and from Trevor are free!), unlimited incoming texts and 1000 sent texts, free evenings and weekends starting at six instead of nine, 500MB of data, and call display and voicemail at a discounted rate!  I am very happy with our plan - it's a jump from what we were paying before, but a lot better than the standard plan.

If you need a good cell phone plan, call me.  Our last plan was $17.30/mth, with 350 daytime minutes (I had to add 100 minutes for $10 when we moved here, and the $3 text plan), unlimited evenings and weekends starting at six, call display, and voicemail - it was a student plan, but they never confirmed we were students.  Let me help you get a good plan!  So many plans aren't on the various companies' websites, and you've got to have the inside scoop, so send me a message if you're renewing your plan!

That's all for now!  Grant and I have to be at the church tomorrow morning at 10, and I'm up way too late as it is!

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