Monday, August 31, 2009


Trevor has been very busy learning all about cameras since last December, when we bought our first digital SLR, a Canon Rebel XS.  We LOVE it.  We've taken more than 10,000 pictures in under a year.  Now that we are both getting better at taking pictures, we are venturing out to take pictures of someone other than Grant.  We've done one family shoot and one maternity shoot, and since I've been busy honing my cake decorating skills at the same time, we introduce our latest blog, featuring the two things we hope to soon get actually paid to do.  My cake prices will be basically the materials cost for the next little while, if you're interested, and we haven't yet started charging for a photo shoot - so if you'd like us, let us know!  We're available weeknights and weekends, so get your name on the list!

Click here for the new blog: a sneak peek of our maternity shoot and a shot of my latest cake!

Edit [November 10, 2010]:  This link doesn't work anymore - sorry!  I don't make cakes, but I do take pictures.  Come find me here instead.

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