Monday, August 3, 2009


My little guy is already six months! And since I'm behind on posting his six months update, he's already six and a HALF months. I know the time will just keep slipping by, but I'm busy enjoying every stage of his growth as it comes along. He went for his six month shots on the 28th and did very well. He was very sleepy the rest of the day and ate hardly anything, just wanted to breastfeed, but no other side effects.

On that note, did you know breast milk can cure pink eye (just squirt it in, lol!) and is like a portable Polysporin (who needs Poly To Go when you make milk, eh? EH?)

Back to the baby. He's able to sit up by himself now, for a longer period each day. He can roll all the way over to his tummy and get both hands out from underneath (did it for the first time on Trevor's birthday, the 21st), still LOVES his Jolly Jumper, and can drink perfectly well out of a little sippy cup now. So no bottle for him, and I can now leave him (not that I want to) for long stretches of time if I leave enough milk.

Our days are a nice routine now. Grant and I play, watch TV, read books, nap, snack, and clean, while Trevor works as an engineer. He's really working on learning how to talk, and makes the most hilarious faces all the time (Grant, not Trevor)! He's also learned how to squeal when he's happy, which is nearly all the time! If he's not hungry, then you have one happy baby on our hands!

I wanted to make these for Trevor's birthday, but as I planned to make them a month ahead of time, when it came time I completely forgot. Fortunately, I was able to stop by Crazy Cakes and am now furthering my personal mission of telling the world how wonderful they are. And I didn't have to mess up my kitchen to celebrate Trevor's birthday. I'm pretty sure he's officially old now (compared to people my age) at the ripe ol' age of 27.

Grant eats baby cereal just once a day usually, for breakfast, since he doesn't like it very much. He eats veggies or fruit with chicken or beef for lunch and dinner. A larger version of the Shoppers that was in the strip mall by our house just opened, and I found some organic baby food on sale this week there, so I stocked up. Trevor and I feel as though it's worth the money to get him all organic stuff, at least while he's this small, since the nasty stuff really builds up in babies - like the pesticides used on the crops. Bad for babies!

On that note, we ordered this high chair and then had to wait for six weeks for it to be made, and it was very expensive, but definitely worth it. We think it will pay off in the long run, since we'll only have to buy one highchair for all our kids - and the plastic ones they have now are huge, bulky, and a massive eyesore in your kitchen.

We hope to someday have a big, made-by-Trevor dining room table to match. And, don't forget, if Trevor makes it, it will certainly be built to last through the Second Coming. Thunderstorms? Tornadoes? Hail and brimstone? No match for Curtis Family Dining Table To Come. We've already outgrown the dining room table we have now, but can't upgrade yet. Soon. We're trying to do all we can to save for a house, then we'll have some breathing room.

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