Friday, June 19, 2009


I'm one of those wives who nearly always knows where everything is. Trevor asks where something is, I tell him, simple as that, right? Mostly. But I have had this repeat problem with the little cord that connects my mini point and shoot Nikon (not our nice Canon SLR) to a USB, and our computer doesn't have a card reader. I lost it all the time in Vancouver and haven't seen it since we moved here. Part of the problem is that I don't use it very often since we have a really nice camera now, and the cord for that one stays permanently attached to the computer. But, the SLR doesn't have video (someday we'll have a 5D Mark II, but for now, dare to dream...), and my little one does have video, so I've taken a couple videos of Grant (Trevor doesn't do anything worth videotaping... and neither do I, actually). Anyway, I'm back on the hunt...

Update: I found the cord in one of the diaper bag pockets. Yay! Now to put it in a "safe" place next time.

Note: I have a certain few things that I always put in "safe" places and can't find them again later - birthday money that I'm saving, my patriarchal blessing, and this silly cord. I find them and lose them in a vicious cycle of lost and found.

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