Thursday, June 18, 2009


Here is a work in progress of the little things I find to be the best for me, my skin type, my hair type, and my little family:

Hair Products:

Shampoo - my favorite is still Herbal Essences because it smells so good.
Styling - BedHead After Party - the pink tube that is a must for use after flat ironing. Expensive but lasts a very long time since you only need a tiny bit.
Flat Iron - the original ceramic CHI iron can't be beat. I'm on my second one and still love it. They have also come down in price an awful lot.

Skin Products:

Face Cleansing - My complexion does best when I just use water on my face. I haven't found soap that doesn't make me break out even worse! I do love the Zap-It brand Quick Stick - it's a little roller that clears up zits in a hurry.

Makeup - I've tried other makeups: Revlon, Avon, etc, but still LOVE Mary Kay. It lasts forever, so works out being cheaper than other makeups, and it feels so soft. I don't know what they put it in, but it doesn't go bad like some other makeups I've tried. The Avon stuff goes bad and gets really, really sticky, but the MK powders, nail polishes, and even mascaras - I have never seen them go bad - it's amazing. Their mascara isn't heavily perfumed like the Avon stuff is either.

Makeup Remover- Mary Kay wins hands down. I've tried Avon and the expensive L'Oreal, which both stung my eyes for hours afterwards! The MK stuff uses silicon and water, its a clear liquid like water, not a cream, and it's incredible. Come over and use some of mine sometime if you doubt. It doesn't sting at all, and you can be so, so gentle on your eyes.

Baby Products:

Diapers - Well, I've tried Costco, Safeway, Superstore, Huggies and Pampers, and I prefer Huggies. The Safeway ones were awful, and all the other ones were pretty good. The Pampers fit smaller and are soft, but I slightly prefer the Huggies. I've found that I can get them cheaper than the Costco ones when I get them on sale. The smallest, size 1/2, are 18 cents/diaper at Costco normally, and I've been able to get Size 3 for 15 cents/diaper on sale at Walmart, so I stocked up on 3s, 4s, and 5s when they had that sale!

Wipes - I like the Pampers Unscented Aloe wipes - the Huggies wipes I've found to be too thick and much less soft than the Pampers. I stock up on them when they are on sale for 2 cents/wipe at Superstore or Walmart and probably have enough for the next six months.

What are some of your favorite things?

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