Tuesday, June 23, 2009


All the things Grant can do at his all-of-five-months! (My baby is growing up!)

1. Roll from tummy to back
2. Say "hiiiii"
3. Grab an object with both hands
4. Laugh!
5. Look around for the person he wants to see.
6. Grab stuff and immediately put it in his mouth.
7. Rip paper.
8. Bear some weight on his legs.
9. Get a good steady bouncing rhythm when jumping in the Jolly Jumper.
10. Look for a dropped object and want it back.
11. Smile spontaneously.
12. Sit in his Bumbo at home and watch patiently while I make dinner.
13. Wear sunglasses and not take them off.
14. Poop his pants.
15. Burp really big burps.
16. Throw up many, many times a day and not be bothered.
17. Sleep through the night (between 8 and 10pm until 7:30-10am)
18. Mash all the keys on the keyboard.

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