Friday, April 20, 2012


My serious three year old: 

I really can't believe that he is three - and I know I'll feel this way at every birthday. It's been three YEARS since that special day in a Vancouver hospital when I first met him? It's so surreal. He's talking so much now and is very bossy. He's stubborn and determined. He has his moments of sweetness, little glimpses where he's kind to Rachel or says a very precious bedtime prayer. All he really wants is to be able to help Mom and Dad with whatever we're doing - cooking, cleaning, building, vacuuming, packing. He is the happiest boy in the world when he's able and allowed to help us do chores! He's also really into play-doh right now and still loves the sand table at Stay and Play. He's just discovered Curious George on Netflix and mostly alternates between that and Mighty Machines. He also loves Cars 2 which Grammy gave him for Christmas, and has watched Toy Store too many times to count.
We absolutely adore him and love his helpfulness. He doesn't see every day things as challenges like I do, he sees them as something fun to do. He loves all things green and eats frozen waffles by the sleeve.
But I still remember this...

My precious son sent to me from a loving Father in Heaven.

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