Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I was skimming through a couple of old blog posts yesterday when something caught my eye - we were still in Vancouver, and I mentioned that I was dreaming of having my own washer and dryer someday. In my very own house! And I could take as much time as I wanted, do laundry any day of the week!, and enjoy the laundry the way Kate Gosselin says she does - or at least did back when Jon was in the picture.

Well, since moving into our townhouse, that day has finally arrived. It has been pure bliss laundry-wise. And while the washer and dryer are the cheapest, junkiest ones out there and I do wish sometimes that I could choose the temperature on the dryer, it's heavenly in comparison to our pre-townhouse state, and I am just grateful that I have a washing machine. They really are amazing. So unbelievably convenient. And there are people in the world who have never even seen a washing machine.

I know it probably sounds completely ridiculous to some - okay, ALL - of you - but I LOVE doing laundry. The kids' clothes especially. The little orange and blue t-shirts with cars and tractors on them along with the sweet pink and purples and yellows, little summer dresses and skirts - I'm obsessed with baby clothes and in love with washing them. 

I'm a freak, I know - but I figure that I might as well play to my strengths. I'm not a very good housekeeper in any other way, I'm not a good cook, and I'm generally lazy and don't ever go looking for work. I'd rather relax on the couch and do absolutely nothing while the kids nap than actually clean a bathroom or vacuum the rug.

But I can make sure my husband has enough jeans. And socks. And clean underwear. So that is what I do.


  1. Skye, I totally get it. I also dream of not having shared laundry. To have my own washer and dryer, to not have to go into some one else's living space to do laundry and not be restricted to certain days of the week.. sigh... someday.

  2. I LOVE that you love to do laundry. Personally, it is one of my least liked chores; it falls inbetween scrubbing a toilet and vacuuming the couch. Maybe if I had a cute laundry room to wash clothes in and not a dark dungeon which I call my basement.

  3. Wow, does this bring back memories! We would carry our dirty laundry across the street to the Ellingsons. I love doing laundry and reading my owners manual! I love seeing the clean stacks of laundry on the couch. I'm still,however, needing to learn how to take them upstairs and PUT THEM AWAY!

  4. I LOVE laundry. Like, so much I am disappointed I do not go through more clothes. Hugging them after they come out, fresh and clean, is like nothing else.