Thursday, May 26, 2011


I've been dreaming about her - the Other Woman, as I call her - for years... Now here she is. My Mother's Day gift. I've been dreaming of her for years. Since using my mom's so often in her kitchen, I fantasized about the color, the shape, what I would make for my family. Now it's finally here!!! I actually thought I would have to wait a few more years before she would become my very own. We bought a hand held mixer just after we were married, and of course that died quickly. One attempt at whipped cream and that puppy was finito. So for three years, give or take a little, we've been using - I kid you not - a mixer attachment that we saved and Trevor's cordless drill. I have been the laughingstock of anyone who has seen me mix. And still no whipped cream, thanks to the fact that the battery doesn't last long enough. It's all very comedic, really. And I thought the drill would be by my side for a while longer... but the battery no longer charges, and it's cheaper to buy a whole new drill than an extra battery. That's planned obsolescence for you. Our world really is a messed up place.

But on a brighter note, I got a smokin' good deal on the all-steel-gear transmission 575 watts of super mixing POWER (take that, planned obsolescence!) from (ordered to the border). Only a couple of the models actually have steel gears and gear housings in them, and there's no way I'm buying a mixer with plastic moving parts.

So now, without further ado...


  1. It does look fantastic!! I wanna see a picture of the old drill one too...ha ha!

  2. I love it!!!!
    I think I use mine almost every day, with my magic bullet!