Monday, May 9, 2011


My baby girl Rachel is EIGHT months old today! I can hardly believe it. I KNOW eight months of my pregnancy did not go by this quickly. Time really does fly when you're having fun. And when you have a baby AND a two year old.

I've got to be quick, the kids haven't had breakfast and the TV can only hold them for so long. A quick recap from April and May so far:

Rachel is doing baby-led weaning - NO MUSH FOOD!!! She feeds herself real-people food. Let's see if I can remember what she's had so far (not in this order!): banana, avocado, bacon, Baby Mum Mums, cheerios, veggie straws (before you get on my case about the salt, you should know that she only gets ONE when she eats them), bun, orange, rice, peas, carrots, green beans... barely anything makes it into her stomach, because with this feeding method she learns to chew first and swallow later - most of it just falls back out of her mouth after she's chewed it for a while. But it is fantastic for me not to have to spoon feed her, she loves feeding herself, and because so little of it makes it down, it introduces the food very gradually. I will probably never go back to the puree way of feeding a baby.

Grant goes on the toilet sporadically, but nothing serious in the way of potty training. I'm waiting for the summer, when he can just run around in his birthday suit.

Rachel is not crawling yet, but she can scoot herself backwards on her tummy. She hates it.

Grant finished his gymnastics class and received his first ever medal! He wore it ALL day.

Rachel has her first tooth! It is just barely coming in, but it's definitely there - her right front one on the bottom. It's insanely cute, of course, but I'm wondering where the other bottom one is?

Grant loves singing "Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam". Last night we went to dinner at Trevor's grandma's house and he was pretending to play it on the piano.

Rachel has started tracing/pointing and things with her pointer finger, and it is so sweet I could just burst. I forgot how cute it is when they do that. She likes to touch my wedding ring, and I told her she could have one of her own but not for at LEAST twenty years.

Grant is CRAZY about being outside. We don't have a backyard and he NEEDS one. He'll only come inside if I promise he can go "outside again" later, or bribe him with candy. He got his first skinned knee leaving Moms and Tots on Thursday! I told him it was the first of many, many skinned knees. 

This weekend we are going to see Thomas at Heritage Park! I hope Grant loves it!

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  1. I'm so glad you're doing BLW! We did it with Catie and it was super successful, like you said I'll never do puree's. It's nice to hear others using a great method, I didn't know anyone else who used it and people thought I was crazy. Hopefully it'll catch on.