Thursday, October 28, 2010


A typical day:

8:00am - Feed Rachel, leave her sleeping in our bed

8:15am - Go into Grant's room where he is up playing.  Be greeted with a huge poopy mess.  Get that all cleaned up, get Grant dressed.

8:30am - Try to get self ready for the day:  hair, makeup (yeah right!), clothes... find that you have no clean underwear.  Start putting together a load of emergency laundry.  Add Grant's and Rachel's poopy clothes that have been sitting in the bathroom sink to the load.  Try to tame wild mess that is known as "hair".

9:00am - Forget to put laundry in.  Try and convince Grant to eat something for breakfast.  Grab a granola bar amid the battle.  Clean up Grant.  Clean up breakfast.  Clean up kitchen counters.

10:00am - Try to leave for grocery store/Moms & Tots/Rhyme Time/doctor appointment and find that Grant is poopy and Rachel is not dressed.  Change Grant and Rachel while holding own bladder.

10:30am - Grocery store:  Try to distract Grant long enough so that yogurt containers and anything packaged in cardboard makes it home in one piece.  Try to convince Grant to stay in the cart for just five more minutes.  Try and convince the store clerks that you know what you're doing while they tell you where you can and can't put your carseat.  Wish you could tell them where to put it.  Try and convince Grant to leave the toy aisle.

11:00am - Having run out of distractions, ditch the cart in the middle of the grocery store in order to leave WITHOUT any groceries.

11:30am - Arrive home empty-handed and with no idea what to make for lunch.  Try and convince Grant to eat something for lunch.  Feed Rachel.  Attempt to feed self.  Sneak a treat when Grant's looking away.  Clean up Grant.  Clean up breakfast.

1:00pm - Get Grant into bed for his nap.  Feed Rachel.  Hold Rachel until she stops crying.

1:30pm - Work on business stuff:  bookkeeping, filing, make sure everything is ready for the next day.

2:30pm - Work in family stuff: bookkeeping, filing, pay all the bills, make some phone calls.

3:30pm - Hold Rachel.  Get some photos edited (I wish!).  Squeeze in some time to play a dorky computer game so that I've spent a couple minutes doing something that is all about ME.

4:00pm - Let Grant out of his room again.  Change another diaper.  Call Trevor to see what time he'll be home and what he wants for dinner.  He has no idea.  Big surprise.

5:00pm - Throw something together that's easy and will use as little dishes as possible, e.g. perogies with veggies, spaghetti and veggies, fish with rice (we've nearly given up fresh stuff altogether.  Sigh.).

5:30pm - Shovel dinner down throat while Rachel cries.  Try and convince Grant to eat something for dinner. Clean up Grant.  Clean up dinner.  Avoid looking at what used to be known as "the floor".

7:00pm - Finally.  Bedtime for Grant.  Get through his bedtime routine.

7:30pm - Remember about the laundry.  Get some laundry in the wash.  Clean up kitchen and living room some more.  Have some ice cream with Trevor.  =)

8:00pm - Sit down with Rachel to watch some TV.  Fold some laundry.

10:00pm - Get self and Rachel ready for bed.  Get Rachel settled.  Read scriptures.  Crawl into bed.

Repeat every 24 hours.

It sure doesn't SOUND like anything special does it?  It sounds downright dull to me.  You may notice a big discrepancy between the title of my post and the description of my day.  BO-ring!  BUT there it is.

This week has been a not-so-good one for me.  It's because I got ultra sick last Saturday night, late, and didn't make it to church Sunday.  Trevor really saved the day and took BOTH kids to church with him (thanks honey!) so that I could nap worry-free.  It was a huge help.  He knew he had to do it, because he missed work the week before since he was really sick and work is crazy busy, so he couldn't take Monday off for me.  So I didn't get the little pick-me-up I need every week from church, and I've had a much harder time with the kids; that is, I have a lot less patience and a bad attitude.

But I've been meaning to write this post for a while, because, while it goes up and down, since General Conference at the beginning of October, I've had a much better attitude and been generally happier about my days.  This is because, before bed every night, I ask God to give me just one more day with my precious little children.  In fact, I plead with Him to allow me just a small, little bit more - one more night from which we all wake up, still alive, and get to have the day I just described above.  With that in mind, when I wake up in the morning and hear Grant playing in his room and Rachel is still breathing - that day is the best day of my life, simply because it is one more.  One more that I have with my little ones, while they are genuinely little.  One more hour to kiss their sweet little cheeks.  One more afternoon where they are still small enough to sit on my lap to read a book or look at a picture.  One more bedtime until I have to worry about what they're going to find on the Internet or what time they're going to be home... one more day until I'm not their whole world anymore.  I'm always going to be praying for just one more day like that.

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  1. I have days like that too, and I am glad that you can see all the positive, Sometimes I have a hard time doing that and I think I need to try to be better!