Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Here's the little monkey!

Also, here are our neighbors who live downstairs, Zac and Jacey.  They are really nice and so funny!

I made the cake pops I mentioned earlier - they were tough, and my stuff never turns out as well as Bakerella's.  She's GOOD. (And no, I'm not pregnant, just fat, and wearing a shirt that is now going to the Salvation Army).

Finally, our pumpkin.  All the credit goes to Trevor for his self-proclaimed high manual dexterity - aka amazing carving skills!

We didn't take Grant trick-or-treating, instead he went with us to a great party and was very well-behaved.  He stayed up very late, went to sleep in a spare bedroom, and was still happy when we woke him up to take him home.

Happy Halloween!

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  1. Cute! We'll have to bake together (trial run before Christmas?) and perhaps Grant will be willing to give us feedback on the taste? Hurrah chubby monkey