Friday, October 10, 2008


Last night must have been one of the most sleepless nights I've had in a while - only the 2nd or 3rd since the beginning of the pregnancy. And while I expect more to come, all I can say is UGH. My belly is (only) 35 inches around at my belly button, but it feels much bigger and much, much heavier at night! Also, I threw up yesterday and felt awful the whole day - which hopefully means I will fine for the next few days. We are going out to Nanaimo with Jay and Jacinta to Jay's family's house and Thanksgiving there (yay!) and I HATE being sick when I'm not at home! I certainly don't need any special treatment. I hope my future pregnancies go by faster... this one is dragging on and on due to the throwing up, the headaches (oh, did I mention I had a headache the entire night last night, and I still have one, making it even harder to sleep), and also due to the fact that I'm not working. I'm two-thirds done growing a baby. woo! Let me tell you what else is keeping me from sleeping: leg cramps, having to pee in the middle of the night every night, sweating (I haven't been able to keep myself cool since getting pregnant), terrible lower back pain (comes from sleeping without a pillow between my legs, or when I stand in one place for too long, e.g. taking a shower... yes it's true), hunger pains, stomachache... you get my drift.

The plus side: I get to have a baby of my own! 100 days today until my due date! Also, my hair and nails have never looked better - I have always been terribly preoccupied with my nails, and they finally look good for once! Also, so far I don't have any stretch marks, and no weird skin things - no chloasma, no linea nigra, and I haven't had to buy a whole new set of bras either, which is great with me.
Here is a picture of me from a week ago, maybe even two weeks ago... around 24 weeks. The ultrasound told us it is probably a boy, yay. We'll plan on that, but we know it could still be a girl - but they are wrong more often when they tell you it's a girl, right? Anyway, we saw a little something on the ultrasound. Hehehe.
I've got to go get ready to go to the island! And Trevor just got home, so I'm off for now.

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