Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I just found out that Trevor will be gone from Monday morning to Friday evening for the next THREE weeks starting this coming Monday!  I think I might go absolutely crazy alone with Grant the ENTIRE week, not to mention Trevor is going to be stuck in Medicine Hat bored out of his MIND.  Wow.  I guess I get a taste of what some women are used to.  It's going to be a looo-oong three weeks - my to do list is already empty and this week I mostly haven't been dressed before noon, never mind when Trevor is completely gone all day for five days.  Help?  Guess maybe you'll see a lot more blog posts, although I really won't have anything to blog about.  Also, this is my "big" chance to take out all the seasons of Gilmore Girls that I haven't seen and watch them, and I was wondering when I was going to be able to do that anyway.  Hmmm...


  1. I know EXACTLY what that is like. keep buy the time goes faster.

  2. Lame! There better be lots of vacation time earned from this for you guys to get tons of quality time together to make up for it. Good thing Halloween is on a weekend so Trevor can be there to see Grant all dressed up =)

  3. You can skype with me!