Monday, April 20, 2009


If you're wondering why Mormons build temples, watch this video, published by the Church:

Our intent in building temples is to enable family relationships to extend beyond the grave - the happiest doctrine I know of that exists on the earth. It offers an incomparable sense of peace, knowing that I will be reunited with my husband and my children in the next life, and that death is simply the next step - and is not goodbye, but "see you later".

This post is to relate my past Saturday, April 18th. I was very priviledged to be able to attend the temple wedding in Cardston of a guy friend I have known since high school. The temple wedding ceremony is short, simple, and beautiful.

I felt a nervousness on my way to Cardston and until the ceremony was over - I knew what to expect in the temple, but I haven't been to the temple since last August and I was very excited. There are hardly any places left in the world where there is real silence and peace, and the serenity of the temple really allows the distractions and challenges of life to fall away.

After a temple wedding, which is done in a small room with chairs on either side of an altar, the couple stands on one side of the altar with their families behind them and looks into mirrors that are on each wall - symbolizing eternity - and the entire family and others in attendance can see the new couple and themselves being reflected "into eternity" as the reflections bounce back and forth in the mirrors.

As I watched the temple ceremony and looked into the mirrors afterwards, I felt a deeper and deeper sense of gratitude for my wonderful husband, my baby, and our life together. There really IS such a thing as happily ever after, and I'm living it right now. It takes work, and desire, and a lot of kindness and tolerance, but I simply can't BELIEVE how happy I am. I didn't know that this much happiness could exist inside one person. I'm afraid that I might burst.

There IS happily ever after - it must begin in the temple. The Lord offers life in greater and greater abundance in temple marriage. I know that this kind of happiness can last forever, whatever adversity comes our way. I can't believe that the Lord would be so good as to allow this joy to continue forever. Families are meant to be together forever!!! And now my dear friend is able to begin his very own eternal family! Wow - Heavenly Father is SO good to us.

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